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Fudge, I'm not creative.
29th-Mar-2011 10:09 pm - Duodecim diary - Day 6
'k, skipped a day again since I didn't play much yesterday outside of recording stuff for this basic Firion assist combo video.

Today I played a bit online with some person I met yesterday also - he found me through my YT videos. He doesn't have much experience (vs Firion and lag, at least), but I think he's got a good mindset.

Other than that, nothing much... I helped Hallabaloo test a couple ruleset changes, although I was so tired by then, I couldn't help that much with input. XD
Later on, Nero was experimenting with some stuff and based on something he found out, we discovered a glitch. But I'm not telling what it is.

I also decided to dabble a bit more with assists. This time I tried Sephiroth assist for Firion... As much as I hate to admit this, he does seem to work pretty well with him - good range, long move duration for comboing into Rope Knife on the ground, can also combo off of Swordslash... But he's so generic, I don't want to use him. I'd rather use Tidus or Garland, even if both are a bit stage dependant.
Jin Yukikaze
27th-Mar-2011 01:12 pm - Duodecim diary - Day 5
Mmm, I didn't post here for a day or two because there wasn't much to write...

Today I played with Nero a bit (poor Nero, he's sick D:) since he got KH Squall (which I couldn't see since I don't have the EU DLC). Man, I started getting annoyed by various things that weren't even his fault and then my gameplay started going downhill. XD

But I finally figured out a way to combo off of the lance followup with Garland a little more reliably... I just have to try it in real matches, because doing it in the training room is completely different. I'd like to make some sort of video guide on assists for Firion, but I want to gather as much data as possible before compiling one - after all, making a half-baked guide doesn't do much good.

After Nero left earlier, we started fiddling with Original Quests instead of playing as usual. Skye made a hilarious quest about some of the DF members. Khell made one with Laguna, but I've yet to play it. I want to make my own quest too, but I'm not good at coming up with stories...
Firion PSP
24th-Mar-2011 02:35 pm - Duodecim diary - Day 4
Not much happened again... Man, this diary must be pretty boring, huh?

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Firion CG
23rd-Mar-2011 01:40 pm - Duodecim diary - Day 3
Nothing really special happened today. Khellendros finally got Duodecim since it got released in NA, so everyone was looking for the US ISO so we could play with him. Unfortunately JP and NA definitely are incompatible even with both UMDs...

Ramblings, ramblings, ramblingsCollapse )
Jin Yukikaze
22nd-Mar-2011 05:11 pm - Duodecim diary - Day 2
Today I didn't play as much since my connection was in use + the people I usually play with were a bit busier. I finally dedicated some time to Photoshop, as little as it was. But I disgress...

There's not much that stands out for me to note, but today we played with equips again... EX builds seem to be a lot less effective this time around. I forsee assist builds becoming a staple like EX builds were back in DFF.

Fortunately today I was playing better. But I feel so betrayed by assist Tidus. D: His Hopstep isn't that great for punishing attacks and dodges like Garland's Bardiche (whom I was using whenever I wasn't using Tidus) but he's a lot easier than Garland for comboing, at least as far as Firion is concerned. Tidus is great for damage since comboing with him is easy, but he's not as good in stages with little ground. Garland is more versatile for punishing and pressuring, but harder to combo with unless there's a wall nearby. But at least he can combo off of Swordslash, unlike Tidus. I'm not sure which assist I should stick with.

Annnd here's today's replay. I just randomly recorded and uploaded this, so don't expect anything fancy.
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Alt Firion
21st-Mar-2011 11:39 pm - Starting a Duodecim play diary?
Hmm... Maybe I should start keeping track of my Duodecim adventures just for the heck of it. It's not like I use this journal for anything, anyway. XD I'll probably jot down some notes about fun stuff that may happen in my online matches, post links to any replays I may upload or just keep track of what I'm doing in the single-player modes. It'll probably be pretty boring for others to read, however. ._. But at least I can remember my findings since I have a pretty bad memory. =p

Some quick notes from today:
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Firion Lord of Arms
1st-Dec-2010 12:59 pm - BlazBlue Story Info Compilation
So I decided to compile all the info I could find on BB's story in a single post to make everything easier to find if someone wants to know more about the story. Also for the sake of convenience, as I've yet to see BB:CS's story mode in english.

If I missed anything I should include, let me know.

Notice: I'm currently not updating this post. This was last updated somewhere before CS2's release.

Chibi Ragna 2
30th-Nov-2010 07:20 am - This is another filler post
Well, I decided to move all my graphic junk to a separate graphics journal (imperial_code) because everyone does it I might want to post random non-graphic related stuff in this journal... So yeah. I dunno what, though, so my journal will probably be empty forever for a while. =D

And I clearly don't abuse strike-through.
Chibi Jin 2
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